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Buying an apartment from a contractor – part 1

Posted by Esti Arnon on 28/03/2015

Did you buy an apartment from a contractor?

Contractors apartments are represented by lawyers with experience. The contracts they offer customers to purchase the apartment are formulated, Naturally, For the benefit of contractors. Inexperience of acquiring an apartment will leave him with very little chance to make a successful negotiation. First, Likelihood not understand every second., Lack of knowledge will be in aochrio.

Legal advice will help you negotiate successful in buying an apartment from a contractor

Just to shed some light on the contract between the contractor you who, Representative the following information:

When purchased an apartment from a contractor has to check the sales contract carefully and tens Amodim.hsob to be mindful of affiliated contractor proprietary rights and other issues of ongoing construction planning. When it comes to the land purchased a combination deal, "by contractor,

Check the relevant sections in front of the property owner to accompany the building process to the point where the apartments will be handed over to their new owners will register rights (whether it's the contractor and whether those customers who purchased the apartment).

Follow the clauses required to approve the taxes with the landowner, And clauses that allow the cancellation of the deal if Htzorc.alh, so it seems, Can affect unequivocally transaction between a buyer and that the apartment Lkbln.mabr, There are other issues that must receive proper attention such as urban building plan (UBP), Building permits, Approval of the sale of the apartment by the contractor with specific reference Lhtzmdotih (to whom it was sold, Who is assigned, etc.), Payments Appendices, Power of attorney Guidelines, Technical specifications and proper conduct in front of the bank after the purchase of the apartment to avoid a situation of servitude acquired apartment.

These are just some of the topics real estate attorney must know to you, be sure you make a good deal.

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