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Absolute Properties is a unique real estate agency, Quality. Managed by exceptional people who lead to success both in the marketing approach and in the personal attitude given to you. For over m 12 Years of marketing and selling houses and apartments in North Tel Aviv We were able to formulate an approach of a quality boutique real estate agency, Has the capabilities of a large agency alongside focused and personal work. We work for you and your property receives significant exposure through many marketing and advertising tools. We reach markets and customers that are out of reach in the traditional ways.
Sale and purchase of apartments / Homes in North Tel Aviv are not an easy task. Supply and demand are balanced and the main challenge is understanding the right price selling or buying property. Our main service is, Get the best deal for you whether you are selling or buying. We've made a large number of transactions, For customers who have expressed confidence in and satisfaction with the negotiations where we represented them and their interests in the best possible.
Albert Nevelev

Very professional, Quiet and dedicated service, Highly recommend

Amir Hofman

Esti accompanied me in renting an apartment in an amazing way - She is professional, accurate, Kind and tries to help in everything. Really gives professional and human support in the process until the signing of the contract and also after the signing of the contract. It's just a pleasure to know that there are brokers like her. I recommend her with my eyes closed, openness and warmth.

yaniv yardeni

Professional and reliable service. Taking care of the satisfaction of all parties. Know the area well.

David Cohen

We were hugely impressed with the professionalism and skill in handling the sale of our family apartment in Tel Aviv It was a pleasure to deal with Esti and Eran Smadar and David Cohen

Moshe Marzok

We received excellent service They were always available and kind. Thanks for everything.

Shlomi Maimon

We would like to compliment Esti Arnon for marketing and selling our apartment in an admirable manner. on honesty, The smile and the pleasantness, With extraordinary patience and commendable professionalism from the moment we met her until the sale. For us, there is no substitute for it.

Breck Veronar

by Michael Fishman A very positive experience Eran not only managed to find tenants in November - A small miracle but also guided me through all the processes - of a situation unknown to me (My ex-wife died suddenly and left the apartment to our minor son) in particular, He managed to mediate between me and the tenants - they had, In my opinion, A little excessive demands They don't buy the apartment - They just hire her Moreover, The apartment needed renovations Eran connected me with craftsmen who did the work in an excellent manner and at a reasonable price

Ram Callus

Eran Kofman was my real estate agent who recently helped me find an apartment. I found him to be supremely qualified, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, responsive, and available. I recommend Eran without hesitation as one of the top real estate agents in the Mercaz.

rotem vartenfeld

We highly recommend Absolut Properties and Estee. Esti accompanied us patiently and professionally in the process of looking for an apartment in North Tel Aviv. From the first moment we met her, we were impressed by a reliable professional woman with a lot of experience in the field and in the region who served us with great confidence both because of her pleasant personality and because of her professionalism. Every apartment she showed us was relevant to our needs and saved us valuable time. She was available for all our questions and requests even when we arrived at a good time for the negotiation phase, Thanks to Esty, who knew how to find us exactly the apartment that meets all our requests and needs, especially at a time when the housing market went crazy, Esti accompanied and helped us and everything was pleasant and very professional. Thank you very much for everything and we are happy that we can meet in the neighborhood

Esti Klein

Esti and Eran have a lot of experience, Professional and kind. The dealings with them were pleasant and respectful and it is clear that throughout the negotiations they maintained professional integrity out of a sincere desire to advance the transaction and make sure that all parties are satisfied. They were available to us for anything and everything, So we felt we were in safe hands. There is no doubt that we will use their services in the future.

Eugene Shtuckmeister

Esti and Eran provide personal and individual support according to needs from A to Z. First class professionals! reliability, The transparency of the information and everything with a smile and a good spirit, Until you get the best and long-awaited result. More the better!!!

Yossi Cohen

The service we received from my mother and her partner was pleasant, professional and patient. We highly recommend it Yossi c.

Hani Saar

Working with Esti and Eran has always been very pleasant and full of integrity and truth. quietly, Gently and with a lot of desire and professionalism, they guided us on the way to finding the apartment we wanted. highly recommend!

Shir Veisser

Absolut brokerage handled the sale of an apartment for me in a professional manner, Ms. Arnon worked energetically and was attentive to the requirements, located buyers accurately and brought the deal to a close in a very short period of time.

Daniel Vorobiof

We had the real pleasure to interact with Esti for the past 6 months. She always helped us in trying to find the right and suitable apartment for our needs. She understood us from the beginning and was able to screen through available places and even going the extra mile and visiting the apartment before our planned arrival. She was always punctual, friendly and professional. She is a real asset to the estate agent community.

Ofer Lowy

We received professional and reliable service from Asti and Eran, Both were available for any inquiries and questions and took care of the apartment in a respectful and courteous manner . highly recommend!

Maya H

Skilled and experienced staff, Warm and personal attitude, Lots of patience, Professionalism and adequate and accurate response to customer needs. We were happy to meet Esti and Eran and purchase the apartment we were looking for through them.

Naomi Mandelovich

Eran Koffman and Asti from Absolut Real Estate Brokerage in Lemad, ת"א. are a valuable human asset. Eran accompanied me personally, From the beginning of the contractual engagement for a commercial property, throughout the signing phase and after. I am deeply grateful to Eran and his unique personality. Eran was sensitive to the needs of a customer, Reliable and professional down to the smallest detail. For the first time in my life and since my age, I enjoyed paying brokerage fees, To the mediator, the first person is a human being. Thank you dear Eran. Yes, there will be more people and brokers like you.

Chana Winer

Esti has been helping us to rent out our apartment for years. She's been an absolute pleasure to work with and has provided us with top notch renters, which is no easy feat. She's professional, kind and gentle, a rarity in her profession. I highly recommend her.

Shimrit Matzliach

We *warmly* recommend Absolut Properties led by Eran and Asti. Esti accompanied us for about a year in the process of looking for an apartment in north Tel Aviv. From the first moment we met her, we were impressed by a reliable professional with a lot of experience in the field and in the region. Every apartment that Eran showed us was relevant to our needs. We were exposed to a variety of apartments. The communication with Esti was excellent, fast, ברורה ועניינית עד הרגע האחרון 🙂 גם כשהגענו לשלב המו"מ אסתי ניהלה אותו עבורנו בצורה אסרטיבית ומגייסת. Thank you for everything!!

Avi Levy

We could not have asked for more professional and kind mediators from Eran and Masati to accompany our transaction until its realization. From the very beginning of our relationship, We were impressed not only by the extensive experience and clientele they have gained in the field over the years, but from the sensitivity to the way we sought to move forward and the feeling of mutual trust that was created between us. אנחנו ממליצים עליהם בלב שלם! We could not have wished for more courteous and professional realtors than Eran and Esti in the accompaniment of our deal & all the way to its realization. It is not easy to find such professionalism in Tel Aviv, certainly not in this field. From the start, we appreciated not only their extensive experience and varied clientele, but also their sensitivity to the way we wished to proceed. Most important for us was the mutual trust that we were able to establish. We recommend Eran and Esti wholeheartedly!

Gedi Demari

Courteous, efficient and professional service

Hi Netzer

We worked with Esti and got to know a professional realtor and a lovely person. Her ability to listen to our needs, Understanding them and finding a solution for them brought us to the apartment we wanted. Thank you

Nizan Sagiv

Eran is the perfect broker: honest and reliable, A professional who knows how to build a fair deal for the seller and the buyer, attentive, and available. Thanks to Eran, we bought a great apartment by the sea, And we are very grateful to Eran

Amy Ginsburg

Esti and her partner took care of us in an exceptional way in looking for an apartment to rent. She responded to every request and showed us the apartments as many times as we wanted. In the end, she also helped us get a good price for the apartment. Highly recommended. my people

Chen Sagiv

Eran helped us find our little piece of God. Eran was very positive, serious, and helped us get a good and fair deal. Eran accompanied us throughout the Bezeq process and was attentive to our requests. highly recommend

Hava Kane

It's just a pleasure to do business with Esti. The combination of quality and efficiency is rare in itself, add to it a pleasant temperament and you will get a special experience.

Ronit Dror

Esti is a professional and humane real estate consultant and knew how to direct me to exactly the apartment I wanted. Highly recommend!

and t

Meet a reliable broker, Honest and having perfect integrity is not a common thing. The meeting with Esti Arnon is all this and more. Esti is very committed to the client, Works continuously to promote transactions while maintaining and caring for its client, and with extraordinary integrity. In addition to coffee, you will also receive warm and kind treatment and inquiries and full availability.

MILI geresh

I was looking for an apartment to rent and I was helped by the professional team , The apartment pool, patience and professionalism amazed me, Beyond the fact that the property closed at the price I wanted thanks to the help of a broker

Bezalel Haziz

I came to purchase an apartment in the northern neighborhoods, I received excellent and professional treatment and the right direction , Until I found what I wanted

Nir Golan

I am a true professional. Very matter-of-fact. Sees and understands people and does everything in a pleasant way. You can rest assured that she manages everything around your apartment. highly recommend.

Linda Beizer

Esti and Eran from Absolut are true professionals, both for renting and for buying/selling apartments. They are a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend them.

David Kadoch

Esti Arnon handled the sale of our house in Ra'anana . The management of the sale was characterized by great professionalism and included building a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes: an in-depth study of the property and the environment , Market Research, Advertising in various media , Contacting brokers for cooperation and willingness to arrive at any time required to present the house to potential buyers . This is a quality office, reliable, Accessible and thorough staff - It is highly recommended

Miriam Sharon

The treatment of Absolute Properties was professional, Fast and done to my complete satisfaction. They were also patient and empathetic. Every question addressed to them was answered thoroughly and quickly. Also very pleasant to talk to in the office.

Judith Rozenblat

I wanted to thank the office for the kind and dedicated service they gave me. A pleasure to work with you.

Emanuel Stern

Absolut Properties give personal and dedicated treatment to all their customers, at least that's how I felt. Professional in their work, attentive and available. A pleasure to work with you.

Adam and Daniel

great experience! Eran is a professional like no other. attentive, See the full picture, Accompanying and explaining every detail. Definitely makes the whole process pleasant, Easy and safe.

Savion Greenberg

I would like to highly recommend Absolut Properties, Eran and Asti. Esti took over our apartment Asher has been on the market for a long time. From the moment she entered the picture, Patience has no end, In fairness and integrity, things started to run. And even after the contract was signed and differences of opinion emerged, And her role is seemingly over, Esti took care with patience and sensitivity to straighten out the generations. In conclusion, Just working with Absolut Properties was an amazing experience in itself and for that I am grateful. Highly recommended, did I say?

Nimrod Gliksman

We were lucky enough to meet Esti Veran about ten years ago in property purchase and sale transactions, And since then, every time we check the possibility of doing a deal in North Tel Aviv, we have an address to contact for consultation. From our experience working together, Both Esti and Eran are extremely knowledgeable in the Ramat Aviv areas, ha'gush ha'gadol, Neve avivim, The green and new Ramat Aviv and also in the Dan housing areas, Afka and Ramat Hayal. In these areas, we did not come across middlemen from them. The amount of knowledge accumulated in the office, Together with understanding and a lot of experience in managing negotiations and most importantly - Excellent interpersonal skills, Make them a great address for anyone interested in buying or selling property in the North Tel Aviv area.

Roni Shpitalni

I purchased an apartment with the help of Eran and Esti in the North Star neighborhood in Tel Aviv. nice people, אפשרו לי לראות את הדירה בשקט ובלי ללחוץ ו"למכור" אותה. Professionals, Available for any question, They even came to show my parents the apartment at short notice on election day. reliable, Nice and professional. know how to make deals and mediate between the seller and the buyer. I am very satisfied and recommend their service. Esti and Eran are not like other brokers! You have to know them to understand.

Gera Dorfman

Esti helped us purchase an apartment in the area. Esti is a professional and reliable broker with a lot of patience and fairness. highly recommend

Dov Nesis

It is impossible to spare words regarding the professionalism shown by Esti, towards, Long time customer, that is handled with quality of 3 Michelin stars, at least. Trustworthy and takes care of all the details... Until the completion of the sale or rental of the apartment to quality tenants (always). Dov

ron & lilach asherov

Esti and Eran helped us sell our apartment and found us the house of our dreams, All this while providing a super professional service, Kind and reliable. Esti and Eran are available for any question or request, show great sensitivity to the complexity of the process, and offer efficient and fast solutions. We warmly recommend the firm and are sure that we will use them in the future as well.

Lucia Kerpel

We received service from Absolut offices several times - for rent, In selling and buying. On each of the occasions we felt sure that we were getting the best, Attention and precision, Integrity and someone working for us, No discounts and no shortcuts. A very very very very warm recommendation!

Vadim M.

Got me the information I needed.

Or Nes Properties and Investments

כנסו ל "אבסלוט נכסים" ותהנו מאתר יפה , Modern, sophisticated , Accessible, pleasant to search

michal kornblut meshulam

Number one in the area!! comfortable, attentive, I was able to sell at the price I wanted thanks to them

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Whether you want to find an apartment for sale in North Tel Aviv, Old North or apartment in north Tel Aviv and Old North, We make this easy on you and make things simpler..

You are invited to help us – ESTI , Eran Absolut team to achieve the most appropriate deal, For you.

  • Representing clients in negotiations to achieve the best results.
  • Sophisticated marketing assets – expose the asset to potential customers more.
  • Valuations for properties free of charge and without obligation.
  • An exact match for your requirements and needs properties.
  • We concentrate activities more mediators for better marketing of shorter time.

One of the benefits of our powerful data and working closely with other 10 Selected brokerage firms in North Tel Aviv agents.

This gives you a clear advantage in marketing your property or find property to buy or rent..

By promoting this site and posting assets in a special way on Facebook and the real estate sites abroad, Got us our Internet Department, Another unique audience. This is another way we can maximize your property sale..

Often the gap between the sides of large sums that cannot be bridged by independent parties.

We saw many cases of gap 20% The price of the property.. In this situation we're in and we came to the meeting between the two sides after negotiations as small or nonexistent shafar and let the deal..

Apartments for sale and rent in north Tel Aviv

Residences - sale

Penthouse / duplex in Tel Aviv-Yafo, 5 Rooms

13,000,000 ILS
Duplex penthouse invested and very beautiful in the new Lamed. Turns into the neighborhood and quiet. Quality building, Beautiful lobby. ...
5 190.00 details
Residences - sale

House in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

12,500,000 ILS
Amazing cottage renovated as new. area of 330 מ"ר עם בית בנוי כ 180 מ"ר פלוס היתר לבניה על הגג. over there ...
5 180.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

11,200,000 ILS
At Gordon Farms, the North Star 5 Magnificent and upgraded rooms with an open and breathtaking view to the west, Sequential screen windows ...
5 134.00 details
Residences - sale

Penthouse / triplex in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

10,500,000 ILS
Penthouse triplex high-level renovated, Architectural. Gorgeous view. Light and very quiet. 190 מ"ר מחולקים ל- 5 ...
5 190.00 details
Residences - sale

House in Arsuf, 7 Rooms

10,250,000 ILS
A private two-family house in Tsuki Arsuf (volcano). 250 מ"ר פלוס חצר קטנה, 6 Dimensions bedrooms, Spacious living room and ...
7 250.00 details
Residences - sale

Penthouse / Mini Punt in Tel Aviv, 4 Rooms

8,900,000 ILS
For sale exclusively, Spectacular and new penthouse in the sought-after Neve Avivim. 4 Rooms 130 מ"ר פלוס 75 מ"ר מרפס ...
4 130.00 details

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