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Choosing real estate lawyer Tel Aviv – part 1

Posted by Esti Arnon on 28/03/2015

Choosing a lawyer real estate transaction is the most important choice.

Many tend to postpone the election for a second lawyer right deal then rise very ideas "creative" a distant relative, A lawyer who helped members of divorce, etc..

Think, Check, Asked in advance and found lawyer specializing in real estate!

Their lawyers specialized in real estate can save you lots of money.

In addition, There are lawyers who specialize in specific topics and may need real estate lawyer specializing in taxation!! Buy and sell in recent years, Have additional properties, You receive an inheritance?
The various neighborhoods in North Tel Aviv for example., Homestays, In the building there is some repetitive problems — high taxation of Tali improvement compliment the property tax, Exceptions, unposted land properly., Prattlatia etc.

So it's best to choose real estate lawyer specializing in Tel Aviv

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בחירת עורך דין נדל”ן תל אביב – חלק 1

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