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Mediation in the new Lamed - apartments for sale, The new rent Lamed. Absolut - Tel-Aviv real estate, The leading office in the new school and northern neighborhoods. Visit the site to view our selection of properties in New Learn and the Environment.

Residences - sale

Penthouse / duplex in Tel Aviv-Yafo, 5 Rooms

13,000,000 ILS
Duplex penthouse invested and very beautiful in the new Lamed. Turns into the neighborhood and quiet. Quality building, Beautiful lobby. The apartment approx- 190 מ"ר בנוי מחולק ל 5 Rooms and balconies 85 SQM. Coordinations Esti a ...
5 190.00 details

Penthouse / Mini Punt in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

8,600,000 ILS
Great mini-penthouse apartment in the new Lamed. 5 Some rooms 150 מ"ר פלוס מרפסת 24 SQM. High, West, Bright and beautiful. Adjustments: Eran Kaufman, Absolute property your home.
5 152.00 details
Residences - sale

Penthouse / Mini Punt in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

8,300,000 ILS
On New lamed,, Quality building, Apartment 5 Very spacious rooms! Bright and quiet high floor, Balcony 24 מ"ר מערבית, Open view, Quality building, 2 Masters, 2 Separate parking and storage space. Room approx ...
5 136.00 details

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

6,250,000 ILS
On New lamed,, Apartment 5 Rooms in a perfect location in the neighborhood. Rooms in a perfect location in the neighborhood 127 מ"ר פלוס מרפסת שמש, 2 And large warehouse. Rooms in a perfect location in the neighborhood. Este or Eran twins, Absolute Home Properties of ...
5 127.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 4 Rooms

5,300,000 ILS
Apartment 4 Beautiful and new rooms in a quality and impressive building. 106 מ"ר בנוי פלוס 12 מ"ר מרפסת שמש. 2 Showers and WC. 2 Adjacent parking and a large warehouse. Immediate entry. Coordinations Eran or Esti ...
4 106.00 details

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