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The Great Block North Tel Aviv

Posted by Esti Arnon on 09/03/2017
The largest bloc neighborhood, Or on behalf MachineryMiscellaneous Seascapes, Is an exclusive neighborhood right on the shoreline in north Tel Aviv. The neighborhood offers a high quality of life and environmental quality. Full Review largest bloc neighborhood - Here.

Neighborhood largest bloc - Data and History

The largest bloc neighborhood is a neighborhood that stretches a little more than a thousand acres, About a mile from the sea west, East of New Ramat Aviv neighborhood and plan studied, And areas south and west of the Sde Dov Airport. Neighborhood residential buildings whose construction density construction began only in the last decade, Including about - 2,000 Housing units. In the coming years are planned to be built in the neighborhood several projects that will add about - 12,000 Housing units in the neighborhood. Land in the neighborhood of "largest bloc" have been acquired by public and private entities in many, And designated for airport in "Sde Dov" in the thirties of the last century. Multiple owners of land created a legal tangle and slow the development of land, Therefore, these lands were inhabited for many years. Just In 1980 Signed a legal agreement that allows the state to purchase the land from their owners, neighborhood, Only at the beginning of the new millennium began building the neighborhood planning process.

Social indicators and quality of the largest bloc in the community

Even in the largest block, Like the rest of the northern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, Socio Economic Madeleine indicates a high quality of life - the neighborhood has received the highest score 9 of 10. הנה עוד כמה נתונים מעניינים בנוגע לאוכלוסיה ולמאפיינים הדמוגרפיים שלה בשכונת הגוש הגדול: · 42% מהדיירים בשכונה הם אקדמאיים · השכר הממוצע של הדיירים הוא 10,500 ש”ח · 41% Neighborhood residents are Israeli born in Israel, And more 34% Originated in Europe or the former Soviet Union. 5% They are immigrants who came to Israel since the early nineties, And - 95% מתושבי השכונה הם אזרחים ישראלים ותיקים · 62% Residents were between the ages 18 – 64

Sites and Places, And community services in the largest bloc

The largest bloc in the gene cluster of five schools, With almost 2,000 Students Overall. Another neighborhood, You can find cafes, Country Club neighborhood, Hercule and Convenience Store, And a large commercial center planned to be built with the continued construction in the neighborhood. It is important to note, That neighborhood, close to important sites in North Tel Aviv, As Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel Aviv Museum, Kibbutzim College, And more.

Real estate prices in the largest bloc

The price trend in the largest bloc is on the increase since 2008, As prices in most regions in Israel. The average price flat neighborhood twice as high and half the national average real estate prices - the average price of property in the country is 1.4 NIS, And on the other hand, For the purchase of an apartment in the largest bloc will have to leave nearly four million. Rental index relatively high average national index also - Rental prices range from 7,000 NIS to - 12,000 NIS and more, New buildings and spacious apartments of three to five rooms.

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