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Albert Nevelev
Albert Nevelev

Very professional, Quiet and dedicated service, Highly recommend

Amir Hofman
Amir Hofman

Esti accompanied me in renting an apartment in an amazing way - She is professional, accurate, Kind and tries to help in everything. Really gives professional and human support in the process until the signing of the contract and also after the signing of the contract. It's just a pleasure to know that there are brokers like her. I recommend her with my eyes closed, openness and warmth.

yaniv yardeni
yaniv yardeni

Professional and reliable service. Taking care of the satisfaction of all parties. Know the area well.

David Cohen
David Cohen

We were hugely impressed with the professionalism and skill in handling the sale of our family apartment in Tel Aviv It was a pleasure to deal with Esti and Eran Smadar and David Cohen

Moshe Marzok
Moshe Marzok

We received excellent service They were always available and kind. Thanks for everything.

Shlomi Maimon
Shlomi Maimon

We would like to compliment Esti Arnon for marketing and selling our apartment in an admirable manner. on honesty, The smile and the pleasantness, With extraordinary patience and commendable professionalism from the moment we met her until the sale. For us, there is no substitute for it.

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  • Anat
    On 22/11/2021

    Esti and Eran,
    Thank you for the professional accompaniment and no less important - reliable, Pleasant, Available and welcoming (:
    At the beginning of the process you checked with us what we were looking for, What is important to us and where we aspire, That's what you aimed for and even achieved!
    Throughout the process we felt we were in good hands.
    You are a rare breed

  • Sherin Solan
    On 10/08/2021

    We would like to thank and praise
    About professional service, personal, kind
    Throughout the entire process of selling the apartment
    This is without a doubt -
    In the leading real estate agency in North Tel Aviv
    warmly recommended

  • Jonathan
    On 19/10/2019

    Estee wonderful helped us to finally find an apartment after 3 Years of searching in many neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.
    The process was fast. Estee same day I spoke to showed us several apartments in the studied.
    Built-in process was very good - let's see how many apartments and each time boiled down to what you need. Esti was very polite and nice. My favorite it is not active any pressure on me as a potential customer to hurry up and buy, and I felt she was really on my side.
    Finally we found an apartment we liked and Estee being the negotiation process in a professional manner to the smallest details of the payment and deployment of the evacuation process. Recommend it!

  • Greeting Litvak
    On 22/08/2019

    Estee champion, Professional mediator and beyond this amazing man, Quality and caring. I got her chance and she became a counselor linked, Helped us a short time to rent and purchase apartments, And everything efficiently and pleasantly. She learns and manages the customer's taste and pocket score. I won a professional consultant and society . Recommends !!!! ????

  • groundsel
    On 30/05/2019

    I want to commend the Estee and Eran. Estee accompanied us every professional sales process, Heralded, Patiently, Attention to detail, Sensitivity and personal relation amazing. Although the apartment was unclaimed for months, Once we pass the matter to Absolut assets and affairs began to run. And moreover after having finalized the details and disagreement over, Estee managed to straighten things out and everything was fine. Last week I went to their office happy and sad together, The completion of the transaction happy and sad apart from them ....
    Highly recommended and very much appreciated!

  • Tomer
    On 21/05/2019

    Esther Weber They matched me rent answering exactly the settings we were looking for.
    Having seen the apartment, Esti Bar and continued personal care, Dedicated and tailored to our needs in the face of the owners (even on issues that are not necessarily the responsibility) to close the deal for the benefit of all parties. Fun to have such a service !!
    highly recommend.

  • praise
    On 06/12/2018

    We would like to recommend a real estate office Absolut Estee management and Eran, Honest professionals.
    Selling or buying a property complex process begins with the desires and emotions, Passes through the understanding of reality to no small Bborokrtih. We met the above parameters for integrity and reliability, And a positive attitude above all.
    Wish them multiple transactions and continued success in their fields

  • Lucia Karpel
    On 09/10/2018

    We sold today Apartment. The whole process was smooth and painless for us, Estee carried us on their shoulders Greetings, Sense and Sensibility. High-level professional service!

  • Sarit Cofman
    On 13/06/2018

    I would like to praise Kofman absolute Eran assets, I was looking for an apartment for rent for a long time, I went to the office of mediation and Eran immediately joined the search, I told him what I was looking for and he obviously match the proposals under voluntary.
    When he found my long-awaited apartment , Accompanied and cared for each process with landlord, All I had left was to sign a contract.
    It should be noted undergoing several apartments in the life, But such treatment had not devoted.
    I hope I will not have to move, but if you happen, Eran will be my first address!

  • Daniel Gunther
    On 10/02/2018

    I want to commend the incredible service of Eran. Congratulations Daniel Gunther

  • Lilac Asherov
    On 22/01/2018

    Estee Eran represent us recently purchasing a new apartment and the current apartment sale (Exclusive).
    Estee Eran were available and very attentive to our needs and limitations and represented us patiently, Conscientiously and professionally.
    Estee very reliable and Eran, Cozy and discreet, and work in cooperation with other brokers, Which contributes greatly to promote the transactions.
    We thank the dedicated and professional treatment strongly advise the Absolut office services.

    Lilac and Ron Asherov, Tel Aviv

  • Chinese Evelyn
    On 28/11/2017

    I came to the event to Absolut impressed from the first moment calm and patience Esti and Orit demonstrated throughout the search for renting my apartment in Ramat Aviv. As well as several potential tenants left the apartment to us because I had to go through was not ready, Or suddenly back just before signing the contract , Both did not give up and pursue the issue always with a smile on his lips and a remarkable professional knowledge.
    I thank happenstance meeting me with two lovely ladies who accompanied me the entire process until the successful conclusion of the transaction.
    I wish therefore continued fruitful work in all futures transactions yours.

  • Dorit and Roy Vanves
    On 04/09/2017

    We arrived Esti through the recommendation of friends, We were promised a mediator which is much more than that! And they were right. Estee is reliable, Straight, Good, Responsible and a very high service orientation. Always be positive and think a few steps ahead. Maintains a very high transparency and hides nothing. We felt it was important for her to sell our apartment almost like us! Is to take the deal and the whole process personally and we felt like family. Eran and is working on continuously apartment. They left a key to the apartment because it was clear that we trust in - 200%. We listened to every tip or recommendation they had was clear to us that they care about our interests without it would be at the expense of buyers of apartment. We had other brokers we created a negative image on any topic of mediation. But Atsi and Eran changed the situation in - 180 degrees.
    It was a pleasure to collaborate with you! Cinnamon, coffee and cookies for us when you're around ... (-:

  • Nili burst
    On 11/11/2016

    ESTI Arnon handled for us in our apartment rental in Tel Aviv and in overseeing the renovation of the apartment professionals to achieve the desired result and finding a suitable apartment renters. Estee treatment all along was unusual in its quality and results. ESTI combines uncommon dedication and professional integrity along with contrast, Experience and familiarity with the market. Apartment therapy was important for us, among other things, because we live abroad couldn't ask ourselves more dedicated representative Abdullah. Abdullah works in full availability towards its customers, Day and night., Big head, In a good atmosphere and support, Almost luxurious, Very frustrating., And skills exceptionally good. We have no doubt about its contribution in making the deal.. It should be noted also that Eran Estee partner was ready to charge it every thing that came up and it all takes, And there's no doubt which team is winning good deals for their customers.
    We enjoyed very much working with ESTI, And we feel fortunate that she has performed for us at the right time and the right place., And look forward to continue working with her again in the future..
    Age and Nili burst

  • Becky and Ken
    On 01/10/2016

    Orit Raz middleware in hiring of an apartment housing without, Which I bought recently.. She hadn't, The deal was not held. Orit promoted the deal in patience., Professionalism, Care, particularly with respect to both sides of the deal.. I'm glad to recommend to those interested in real estate services. Don't be sorry..

    Becky and Ken

  • אסתי וערן היקרים,

    היה לנו העונג לעבוד אתכם. לא כל יום מוצאים אנשים כלכך מקצועיים, ישרים ואדיבים גם יחד. הפכתם לנו את חווית מכירת הדירה לחוויה נהדרת וקלילה, מבלי יותר מידי התעסקויות.
    גם נטע וגם אני מודים לכם על כך מאוד!

    אוהבים ומעריכים,
    נטע ונמרוד גליקסמן

  • Deb, nsis
    On 05/05/2016

    Say it in plain English.. As one who lived his adult life overseas and was involved in a number of transactions. Especially in the USA.. The old Estee quality, Professional integrity and transparency uncontrollable replication.. I think not, or qualities you will find anywhere else (in terms of my experience at least). She is committed, Thorough (up hurt).. And how the New York broker quality (of any kind).. She is a deal closer!!!

  • Ganor Dorit
    On 31/01/2016

    I came to ESTI happen while football in front of their Office in downtown Belle '. I acted according to my intuition, and I chose to search an apartment with only Estee. I found a professional broker, Respected, Serious., Efficient and sensitive, Totally different from the usual stereotype of Realtors. Abdullah has invested many hours trying to find accurate, Expanded search with circle collaborations without hesitation.. Also changed the search area recommended me colleagues deserve. Any site ESTI concern without rendering to advantages and disadvantages of each property. Highly recommend to work if open Office, Fashion certainly if members need again turn without hesitation..

  • Myrtle Raines
    On 20/01/2016

    Orit Raz mediated exclusively owned apartment in Bavli.
    We tried to sell the apartment ourselves for 8 Months, Unsuccessfully (although there were many interested).
    Orit received exclusive and in 3 The apartment is sold..
    Ali handled clients and collaborations with other mediators on a day-to-day basis., Showing the apartment renovation and potential inherent in it and got us a great price.
    Orit professionally., Trustworthy and kind..

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