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Buy an apartment without getting hurt.

Posted by Esti Arnon on 28/03/2015

Concentrate on buying an apartment., What could possibly be?

"In the worst case you will discover that you just bought – in fact, Not yours. ".

About bad dreams of any average citizen., As I am – like, Deciding to save the hassle and fees therefore purchased the apartment without consultation of a lawyer in the real estate sector. Most Israelis do not make that mistake.. Nowadays no longer take risks..

What can real estate lawyer on the property?

Legal advice and a thorough examination of the ordinary person to be sure that it is indeed sold to buyer by landlord and she is not a slave, Bending, Or constructed without a permit or of permit, And of course, A demolition order..

Professional legal advice on real estate lawyer advises from the beginning of the way to accepting the keys., In order to ensure that the property is indeed transferred to them., Recorded on their behalf and any third-party rights Vickers and/or foreclosures.

Intend to purchase? Whether to sign Memorandum

Memorandum anticipates just like any other contract. Breaking tugboat fine for the violation and therefore would be a violation of a request for enforcement. In the event that returns the owner and sell decision after talking hiring memory ב"צו signature" of the Court requires him to continue with the procedure or to pay the fine is determined.

Memorandum, Pursuant to his contract., Contain all the details: details of the parties ' contract IDs, The amount specified on the apartment., Payment deadlines, Delivery time etc. Signing memorandum recommendation stems from a desire to keep the statement in a contract.. Tax authorities consider are things like memory signing the Treaty deadline of purchasing the apartment to talk about context.

If signed memorandum without real estate advisor recommend you give Becky lawyer to read the contract to make sure that your name will be registered in the land registry under the apartment that you intend to purchase.

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