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Apartment in Tel Aviv, 3 Rooms

10,000 ILS
Apartment 3 Spacious rooms, Furnished including everything for immediate entry. Bright and quiet, close to the garden and the commercial center of the neighborhood. Sun terrace, ממ"ד וחניה בטאבו. Not suitable for short periods. Coordinating ...
3 100.00 details

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

5,650,000 ILS
In new Gimel 5 Rooms 120 מ"ר פלוס 14 מ"ר מרפסת שמש, 4 Directions, 2 Parking and Storage, Preserved in excellent condition, near a commercial center, Kinder gardens, School, Synagogue and the country. Illuminated ...
5 122.00 details

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