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Neve avivim

Posted by Alex Arnon on 09/03/2017
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Neighborhood Neve avivim, Also known as Ramat Aviv Bet, Is an exclusive and desirable neighborhood, A live intellectuals, Politicians, Businessmen and many cultural figures. East neighborhood New Ramat Aviv And close to the beach, South of the Ramat Aviv neighborhood and the neighborhood with the old and quality Afeka the northern border city of Tel Aviv - Here is a complete overview on the characteristics and quality of life in Neve avivim The old north of Tel Aviv's quality

Neve Aviv - Data and History

The buildings in Neve springs which were established in the early seventies of the last century, And other buildings have been constructed between the boundaries of the neighborhood eighties and nineties. The apartments is planned in a spacious and high quality finishing level, Some of the buildings also earned Hadricl Slhm, Aharon Doron, Rokach Prize for Architecture. Many famous lived in the neighborhood, Including Simon and Sonia Peres, Yitzhak and Leah, And others.

The neighborhood boundaries are calculated in different ways, But according to the conventional calculation neighborhood spans over 750 Acres, Them only 520 Built acres, Landscape construction and green plaid Chen corners, And any other surface features manicured gardens and seating areas. Number of residents - almost 13,000, NIS - 5,000 Housing units.

Social indicators and quality of the community in Neve Aviv

Even in Neve Aviv, Like many other neighborhoods in north Tel Aviv, The population is middle class - higher, And socio economic status of the neighborhood according Madeleine is a high - 9 of 10.

Here are some more interesting data on the population of the neighborhood:

· 55% From neighborhood residents are college graduates, Bachelor's degree or higher

· The average salary for neighborhood residents: almost 11,000 NIS

· 37% The tenants are Israelis born in Israel, And more 37% Are of European or former Soviet Union. 94% The residents are Israeli citizens and veterans, Only six percent are immigrants who came to live in Israel nineties onwards.

· 45% Residents employed in white-collar jobs.

· 65% From neighborhood residents who live in an apartment owned, And the rest rent an apartment in the neighborhood

Sites and Places, And Community Services in Neve Aviv

Neve springs and four schools - 1,500 Students who visit them. School "together" is a school for children with special needs. Another neighborhood - active Scouts troop, Bnei Akiva, The Israel Chess Federation and Bridge Club activist, And an exclusive country club. Three neighborhood centers offer all the necessary services to the residents nearby, Such as Super Store, Restaurants, Banks, Shops, Branches of HMOs, laundry, And more.

Nearby: Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv Museum, Ramat Aviv Mall, And more.

Real estate prices in Neve Aviv

As in any country, Even in Neve springs We are seeing a significant increase in real estate prices since 2008 About. But ever since, Real estate prices in Neve springs double the average in relation to real estate prices in the country. currently, Average price property in the neighborhood is 3,400,000 NIS. Apartment rental rates range from neighborhood 5,000 NIS to - 12,000 NIS and more new buildings.




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