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New Ramat Aviv

Posted by Alex Arnon on 09/03/2017
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Neighborhood "Ramat Aviv" Tel Aviv is already something there - it's one of the oldest neighborhoods, Exclusive and prestigious White City Israel offers. New Ramat Aviv neighborhood is a neighborhood in Ramat Aviv "once" - Zvi Street north Props, Neighborhoods east of Ramat Aviv Gimmel and Neve Aviv, And south of the neighborhood plan to '. West - the sea. The construction process of the new Ramat Aviv neighborhood, but it began twenty years ago, In 1996, And the process of populating the neighborhood ended two decades later, In 2016.

The population and neighborhood characteristics - New Ramat Aviv

New Ramat Aviv neighborhood is relatively new neighborhood, That all the buildings there are high-rise buildings (up to four storeys high-rise luxury towers). The population is mostly young neighborhood, And is characterized by an overwhelming majority of businessmen and residents of the middle class - higher.

Socio - Economic Ramat Aviv neighborhood of the new site-Madeleine is 10 of 10 - That is, Quality of life for its residents are among the highest in the country. Here are some data about the demographics and characteristics of living in this neighborhood:

· 47% Residents have a college education and a bachelor's degree or higher

· 44% Neighborhood residents are Israeli born in Israel. 93% The residents are veterans , Only 7% They cost

· 48% Neighborhood residents holding white collar jobs.

Benefits and Community Services of New Ramat Aviv

The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful neighborhood, Located a short distance from the city core, Such as Ramat Aviv Mall, The Eretz Israel Museum, Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv University, Various medical centers, and many more. Within the neighborhood, Community Services often, Such as infrastructure and education quality schools considered especially, Two shopping centers, Including convenience stores and grocery stores, Bank branches, post office, And more. Routes, Walkways and driveways embed the neighborhood in a particularly convenient for orientate.

Throughout the neighborhood is paved pedestrian and inlaid seating and gardens.

What happened with real estate prices in New Ramat Aviv in recent years?

Housing units in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood were sold at the beginning of the new millennium, And at the beginning of the year 20015 The apartments were sold at an average price per unit of 1,500,000 NIS. This price already played three times higher value in relation to the average price nationwide (about 600,000 NIS), And twice the average price of a housing unit with similar characteristics in other neighborhoods of Tel Aviv - Jaffa. At the end of the year 2016, Sold apartments in New Ramat Aviv at an average of over four million, Together more than three times the average price of apartments across the country that month (1.3 million) one and a half times relative to the average price of an apartment in Tel Aviv (2.5 million).




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