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North Star neighborhood

Posted by Esti Arnon on 09/03/2017
North Tel Aviv, Bordered by the neighborhood plan, and Ramat Aviv north, North Star is in the neighborhood of Tel Aviv. the hood, Which received a grade social economic ranking 10 of 10, Is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in the city, Younger and older families and for the elderly. It is also a neighborhood ranked by Ynet most expensive in the region, With an average price of almost four million apartment. Who want to live in North Star, Find a quiet and peaceful, Intimate commercial centers and community services. About North Star Neighborhood Spring onions - Here.

Neighborhood North Star - Data and History

North Star neighborhood located less than a hundred meters from the Yarkon Park - the largest parks in Tel Aviv. North, Sde Dov Airport, Which is currently considering the possibility of frames and use land reserves for the construction of additional housing units in the region. the hood, A total area of ​​- 420 Acres, Which only 240 Hectares of built-up area and the rest of parks and green areas for the benefit of the community. In 2015, Neighborhood was close to - 5,000 Tenants approximately - 2,000 Housing units. Construction of the neighborhood began in the nineties, When the time were sleeping area single-family homes homes, Which still remains a minority, In the new neighborhood. Around the outer part of those homes in the neighborhood, Multi-storey buildings.

Social indicators and quality of the community in Northern Star

As stated, The neighborhood received the maximum score socio-economic index of a Madeleine (10 of 10). הנה כמה נתונים סטטיסטיים על קהילת המתגוררים בשכונה: · 50% מהמתגוררים בשכונה הם בעלי תואר ראשון או מעלה · 37% Living in the neighborhood are "native", And more 38% יוצאי אירופה וברית המועצות לשעבר · 95% The neighborhood's population consists of residents and handbags. 69% Residents live in an apartment which they own

Sites and places in the neighborhood and around the North Star

The neighborhood provides its residents with community services and recreation centers and trade. בין המקומות שתמצאו בתוך השכונה: · גני ילדים, Day care on behalf of WIZO, ובית ספר יסודי שהוא בית ספר אקולוגי המציע גם פעילות לאחר שעות בית הספר · פארק “כוכב הצפון” – פארק שקט המשתרע על תשעה דונמים ובו שטחי מדשאות, Facilities Activities for the whole family, ועוד · מרכז מסחרי “בוני העיר” – מרכז קטן ובו מספר חנויות, Branch of "Shufersal", And more

DID estate in North Star

North Star is a neighborhood of expensive neighborhoods nationwide, With an average price per square meter of almost 40,000 NIS, And the average price of an apartment almost four million. Average payment required rent for an apartment in the neighborhood is off 8,500 NIS, Average rent per square meter with over 80 NIS. North Star neighborhood is exclusive and prestigious neighborhoods of Dan, And it offers a high quality of life and quality population around. Not cheap to live in this neighborhood, However, quality of life, Pacific, Proximity to recreation areas, Trading, Parks and various centers - makes such a neighborhood worth, apperantly, Strive for it.

Apartments, Homes For Sale In North Star

Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 4 Rooms

5,490,000 ILS
In the North Star 4 Spacious rooms 107 SQM + 12 מ"ר מרפסת שמש, First floor is as high as a floor 2 Wooden parquet throughout the apartment, Facing the woods, excellent location in the center of the neighborhood, close to the school and Mr ...
4 107.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

11,200,000 ILS
At Gordon Farms, the North Star 5 Magnificent and upgraded rooms with an open and breathtaking view to the west, Floor and ceiling screen windows in the living room 6 A meter high! 5 Rooms 134 מ"ר פלוס 14 מ"ר מרפסת שמש, Pond ...
5 134.00 details

Apartments, Houses for rent in the North Star

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