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Tzuki Aviv neighborhood - Azorei Chen, New Gimel, Sea & Sun Towers, Neeman towers

Posted by Esti Arnon on 09/03/2017
Cliffs Aviv neighborhood is the northernmost neighborhood on the coastline of Tel Aviv, And is a neighborhood which includes areas like neighborhood, New Gimel, Sea & Sun Towers and a loyal Towers. Neighborhood about - 3,000 Residents, Enjoying a high quality of life, Community Services and demographic environment of the middle class - higher. More on Cliffs Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv - Here.

Cliffs Aviv neighborhood - Data and History

Cliffs Aviv neighborhood is quiet neighborhoods, Coziness and exclusive Tel Aviv. It is bordered to the west coast, North with street Yunichman which leads to interchange rolls, And to the east with Namir. In the center of the neighborhood are the buildings of the old neighborhood Azorei Chen - a neighborhood a little over 600 Housing units, Eight buildings placed spirally. Chen zones around the neighborhood associated buildings were cliffs Aviv Since 2005 - including Sea & Sun Towers (250 units aged two to five rooms, Terraced buildings 10 – 11 Floors); And a loyal Towers with luxury towers 12 – 13 Storey. Construction began in the spring cliffs in the nineties. currently, Mtgorrim Bin cliffs Aviv neighborhood boundaries around - 3,000 Tenants, above 1,000 Families, indicating a high quality of life.

Social indicators and quality of the community in Northern Star

Cliffs Aviv neighborhood in north Tel Aviv received a high score on the socio - economic development of a Madeleine - 9 of 10. הנה עוד נתונים אודות המדדים החברתיים ואיכות קהילת הדיירים בשכונת צוקי חן: · 49% מן הדיירים בשכונה הם בעלי תארים אקדמיים – תואר ראשון ומעלה · 37% The tenants are Israelis born in Israel, 35% They are from Europe and the Former Soviet Union. 6% From residents in the neighborhood are immigrants who came to Israel since the - 90, And contrast 94% מן הדיירים הם אזרחים וותיקים בישראל · 65% The tenants live in an apartment they own, And the rest rent an apartment

Community Services, Sites and gardens in the neighborhood and around the cliffs Aviv

Cliffs Aviv neighborhood is located within walking distance from one of the most beautiful beaches in the center of the earth. Within the neighborhood, New roads, Paths for walking and cycling, And access paths that allow easy movement from place to place, and to all. Multiple educational centers in the neighborhood, Private kindergartens and municipal, And an elementary school who also coordinates the activities and classes for children and youth in the afternoon. Another neighborhood - a small shopping center in the neighborhood and other areas like another shopping center. Within the neighborhood branch of the Maccabi Health Fund, a branch of Clalit Health Services, supermarket, A pharmacy and a branch network of Super-Pharm, Barbershop, Restaurant, kiosk, Bistro, And more.

DID Cliffs Estate in Spring

The price range for apartments in the cliffs of the North is highly variable. You can now find affordable apartments initial neighborhood of two million two-bedroom apartment in the neighborhood, Ten million to more than five-room apartments in new luxury towers in the neighborhood. Rental rates also vary, And range from 7,000 To - 30,000 NIS rental of an apartment or a luxury apartment in the neighborhood.

Apartments for sale in Tzokey aviv.

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Residential - rent

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 3 Rooms

10,000 ILS
Apartment 3 Spacious rooms, Furnished including everything for immediate entry. Bright and quiet, close to the garden and the commercial center of the neighborhood. Sun terrace, ממ"ד וחניה בטאבו. Not suitable for short periods. Coordinating ...
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