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lamed program – shikun lamed

Posted by Esti Arnon on 09/03/2017

Real estate transactions 2020 Lamed

תוכנית למד – שיכון למד Old neighborhoods, Quality and tranquility in northern Tel Aviv - Neighborhood Program L was established in the early seventies of the last century and has always attracted quality population, Young families and elderly veteran population, Looking for the laid-back quality of life of North City. in February 2016, Learn Neighborhood Program was ranked as Israel's most beloved denoted by a Madeleine. Learn all about the neighborhood in Tel Aviv - Here

Program studied in Tel Aviv - Data and History

Learn to plan neighborhood is located east of Tel Aviv domestic airport "Sde Dov", Namir Road and west, Outside the city of Tel Aviv. North of it - the new Ramat Aviv neighborhood, And south of the Northern Star neighborhood. In a population over 5,000 Residents, An area of ​​about - 830 Acres. Three neighborhood shopping centers and a number of important sites which will expand further, And homes - especially those of up to eight storeys.

Social indicators and quality of community program studied

Socio-economic index ranked the neighborhood attended grade 9 of 10. 96% Residents are longtime residents of the citizens of Israel, Only 4% Residents are immigrants to Israel from the nineties onwards. almost 40% Families have a child, and more 42% Families with two children (and the rest with three children or more). 39% Living in the neighborhood are academics, 39% Residents are Israeli born in Israel and more 38% Originated in Europe or the Soviet Union. 77% They have the apartment they live in and the rest rented.

Sites and locations in and around the neighborhood learned

Lamed neighborhood, Bordering the neighborhoods of Ramat Aviv, Offers its borders three smaller shopping centers, stores, Bank branches (Hapoalim and Leumi), And a branch of Clalit Health Services. In addition, in the Neighborhood are two kindergartens and nursery, Elementary public school where learning about - 500 Students in grades A - F, Scouting's tribe established in 1976, Synagogue, Urban and Country Club is considered exclusive. Around the neighborhood and a short distance away - Ramat Aviv Mall Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv University, Yarkon Park, Tel Baruch Beach, Tel Aviv Port, And more.

Real estate prices in Lamed

Studied in the program can be found mostly in apartment buildings with three, Four, Or five rooms. Average price per square meter apartments in the neighborhood is about - 33,000 NIS, With the average price of the asset over 3.5 NIS. Average rent per square meter is 68 NIS, With an average altitude rental of property 7,000 NIS. The choice to live in a residential program enables learned a quality environment, Alongside veteran residents, A quiet area of ​​lively cities in Israel, Nearby Great Sea coast, Crowded mall, The largest university in the country, And more. currently, Stands a studied plan to substantial environmental change, With the decision to close the local airport Sde Dov more territory and build a new residential neighborhood - a decision has not yet been approved and it has many opponents.

Apartments for sale in Lamed

Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 4.5 Rooms

5,150,000 ILS
ב"למד" המבוקשת באחד הבניינים הטובים ביותר בשכונה, Apartment 4.5 Built size rooms 116 מ"ר נטו פלוס תכנון למרפסת שמש 12 מ"ר בשנה הקרובה. The apartment has adjacent parking in Tabu. Details ...
4.5 116.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 3.5 Rooms

4,300,000 ILS
In the project LMD Hiroka Diret 3.5 Beautiful rooms, Bright and quiet! Facing the garden.. 85 מ"ר בנוי פלוס 12 מ"ר מרפסת שמש יפה. Tabu parking and warehouse. To Eran coordination, Absolut - Tel-Aviv real estate
3.5 85.00 details
Residences - sale

Type Duplex / Duplex in Tel Aviv, 5.5 Rooms

6,950,000 ILS
Penthouse in Borla Orfi. 145 מ"ר בנוי פלוס 80 מ"ר גג. One parking space. Lower floor 4.5 Rooms and another room upstairs. For details & schedule Esti arnon, Absolute property your home.
5.5 145.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

5,500,000 ILS
Apartment 5 Rooms in an excellent location in Lemad, Heading into the neighborhood. Open view and quiet apartment. New toilets and showers. Rooms in a perfect location in the neighborhood 125 SQM. Parking in taboo. There is flexibility in the price. Adjustments Estee Arno ...
5 125.00 details
Residences - sale

Penthouse / triplex in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

10,500,000 ILS
Penthouse triplex high-level renovated, Architectural. Gorgeous view. Light and very quiet. 190 מ"ר מחולקים ל- 5 Rooms and more 60 Mr. roof. Large living room and open view, Wonderful. 2 Warehouse stores. Location from ...
5 190.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 4 Rooms

5,150,000 ILS
Excellent location in the studied, in a dead-end street and in the building between 2 Gardens, An apartment you will be in 5 Rooms 115 SQM + 15 מ"ר מרפסת שמש (הבניין קיבל אישורים לתוספת ממ"ד ומרפסת). 2 Showers and ...
4 130.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

6,150,000 ILS
In old Lamed , Beautiful apartment, 5 Rooms, 130מ"ר מרפסת שמש מערבית מהסלון, Designed and full of light. Unobstructed sea views. Beyond the garden and school children. Coordination: Eran or Esti Absolut ...
5 133.00 details
Residences - sale

Apartment in Tel Aviv, 5 Rooms

5,650,000 ILS
Apartment 5 Great rooms in Lamed neighborhood. Beautiful renovated, Very bright. 2 Showers and WC. Close to school, Apartment Mo., Shops and Zilber Garden. Este or Eran twins, Absolut - Tel-Aviv real estate
5 117.00 details

Apartments for rent in teaching program

Residential - rent

Property in Tel Aviv-Yafo

8,900 ILS
For rent a shop in north Tel Aviv. size 33 מ"ר בקומת קרקע במרכז מסחרי קטן. Flexible, For coordination Eran Koffman and Esti Arnon, Absolute property your home.
33.00 details

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