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Category Archives: Guide to buying an apartment.

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Life insurance and in taking a mortgage

Mortgage insurance mortgage insurance is designed to ensure the bank repayment of the loan money in case of disaster. Insurance consists of two parts / chapters policy. ביטוח חיים המבטיח את החזר יתרת ההלוואה לבנק במקרה מוות חו"ח. And building insurance for cases of damage to property. Previously, It was customary to make the mortgage insurance through the bank where the loan was granted. Today, this world was opened to competition and consumer welfare can also make insurance through an insurance company ...
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Apartment / property renovation

Guidelines on renovating the apartment or property – renovation of affordable minimum maximum. Renovating an apartment or other property must not become an uncontrollable financial expenditure, So if he prepares properly. Technical specifications by an engineer or architect maintains a budget designed to begin with.. One of the principles that help to control budgetary expenditures is price comparison. Why there is a gap between each other in the field of renovation? Obviously, the market is flooded with many professionals, ...
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Buying an apartment from a contractor – part 2

קניית דירה מקבלן – שאלות ותשובות שני עורכי דין לוקחים חלק בעסקת נדל"ן של דירה חדשה: עורך דין מטעם הקבלן ועורך דין מטעם רוכש הדירה. It is important to note that the contractor's Attorney cannot represent 100% loyal buyer apartment too., According to the rules of common sense. The lawyer on behalf of the apartment will ensure his rights regarding the funds to pay the contractor., Due date of delivery, ...
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Buying an apartment from a contractor – part 1

Did you buy a condo Builder? Apartments contractors represented by lawyers with experience. The contracts they offer customers to purchase the apartment are formulated, Naturally, For the benefit of contractors. חוסר הניסיון של רוכש דירה ישאיר אותו עם סיכוי קלוש מאוד לבצע מו"מ מוצלח. First, Likelihood not understand every second., Lack of knowledge will be in aochrio. ייעוץ משפטי יסייע לכם לנהל מו"מ מוצלח ב קניית דירה מקבלן רק כדי לשפוך מעט אור על ...
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Choosing real estate lawyer Tel Aviv – part 1

בחירת עורך דין לעסקת נדל"ן היא בחירה חשובה ביותר. רבים נוטים לדחות את בחירת העורך דין ממש לרגע העסקה ואז עולים רעיונות מאוד "יצירתיים" של קרוב משפחה רחוק, A lawyer who helped members of divorce, etc.. Think, Check, שאלו מראש ומצאו עורך דין המתמחה במקרקעין !! עורכי דין שההתמחות שלהם בתחום הנדל"ן יוכלו לחסוך לכם הרבה זמן כסף. In addition, There are lawyers who specialize in specific topics and may ...
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Selecting an attorney Tel Aviv real estate part 2

האם כל עורך דין יכול "לסגור" עסקת נדל"ן? תחום המקרקעין נתפס משום מה כתחום שאינו נדרש לידע רב, לכן עורכי דין רבים לוקחים עסקת נדל"ן לידיהם. The problem is that their good will does not always win the purchasers point apartments. Those clients choosing such deal because usually it's a fee or personal familiarity with the lawyer. Each domain requires a professional.. A professional ...
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Guide to buying an apartment.

The article quoted below ask for basic information about buying and selling apartments in Israel. The Guide to buying an apartment., Property - Things you must know Obviously you are not well versed in the details of a contract to buy the apartment as a real estate lawyer, Yet, Relevant information can provide a measure of security for some of the required of you.. Concepts: memorandum is designed to ensure both sides, The seller and the buyer., Making the deal. The document serves as a contract for all purposes. Breaking the contract required in fine ...
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Buy an apartment without getting hurt.

Concentrate on buying an apartment., מה כבר יכול להיות? "במקרה הגרוע ביותר תגלו שהדירה שזה עתה קניתם – למעשה, לא שלכם". About bad dreams of any average citizen., As much as I do. - Like, Deciding to save the hassle and fees therefore purchased the apartment without consultation of a lawyer in the real estate sector. Most Israelis do not make that mistake.. Nowadays no longer take risks.. What can a lawyer ...




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