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Valuation apartment in Tel Aviv

Posted by Esti Arnon on 28/03/2015

What determines the price of the property?

Valuation of an apartment in Tel Aviv -

There are several options for evaluating the value of an apartment or property for sale in Tel Aviv, Some are free and some are paid: real estate price list, Real estate consultant and appraiser real estate. The price assessment is affected by the price of similar apartments, which is defined as the market price, from the supply of apartments compared to the demand, And economic situation, The political state of Israel along with the changing trends of the market.

A good valuation saves time, Money and unnecessary aggravation. These exact sciences are not just an assessment and you can check the value of the apartment in three ways:

What about the price?

The average price per square meter offered in the market is a significant tool that ultimately determines the value of the apartment. Along with the price per square meter, there are parameters that are taken into account such as: location, The condition of the apartment, 1st floor, Views, access, number of parking lots etc.. The price that a buyer is willing to pay for the apartment., And the price at which a willing landlord to sell it., constitute an objective value that affects all the apartments in the area where it is sold. This, Eventually., The average price that corresponds to all buyers and sellers in the market. Exception the apartments are sold at a low price or higher, such as the sale of an apartment in the procedure of stockbroker, Or the purchase of an apartment by mature people who are willing to pay a high price due to the location and their desire to live close to their children, Etc.

Valuation important Tel Aviv apartment, But many sellers are choosing to name a specific amount they think suitable and appropriate to their apartment (no limitation on asset pricing). In such cases there may be two options: selling the overpriced asset who agrees to pay, or selling the property at a price much lower than its value.

In both cases about loss: low price hurt the property, And buying an apartment at an overpriced price doesn't happen too often, so the owner of the property will lose a lot of time in the sales process until he fixes the price.

The valuation of the property allows the value of the property to be clarified and reflects the real market of the apartment purchases and sales. In the end, it is a net profit for both the seller and the buyer.

We at Absolut can carry out a valuation of an apartment in Tel Aviv at no cost and without obligation on your part. We can contribute from our experience to bring about maximum pricing which will benefit the sales process.

We use magrii on Government information on them below a representative measure of selling apartments in your area. On the other hand, we will consider various elements of your property that will add or subtract from the average price in the area.

The benefits of working with us:

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